Now YOU listen to us.

10 10 2007

A camera and a microphone and the issues of the day — in the hands of the young and the bright. Governments know and shudder: this is a powerful combination. Welcome KNN. Raw, spontaneous, fresh, radical.
The only show on television written, shot and produced by students. Equipped by the UNICEF, trained by Probe. But their aches, their issues, their stories. Now airing on UniversiTV. 6:30 M-F. Catch it.



10 10 2007

untitled-5.pngOn Nov. 24, 2007, Pinoysiklo, the biggest motorcycle gathering in the Philippines, will take place at the Quirino Grandstand.
This one day motorcycle extravaganza will be an attempt to break the record for the Most Number of Motorcycles gathered in one place.
Special awards and recognition will also be given to the best motorcycle features, such as the best stock bike, best customized big bike, best sport bike, best graphic design, best underbone, best sound system.
There will also be bike shows and stunts, such as the longest wheelie, burnout demonstrations, motocross exhibitions and many more.
All motorcycle clubs and riders are invited to join this world-beating event. The count has already reached 10,000.
For all motorbike enthusiasts, this is the event of the year.
To be part of this ground-breaking event, contact Elcid Cruz at 892-0071 / 0918-9048155 / 0922-8254640.
This is sure to go down in the history books. “Walk-in” riders are welcome to join the event.
Be part of PINOYSIKLO, the largest motorcycle gathering in the Philippines.

Be part of history.

The event isn’t limited to motorcycle enthusiasts alone: there will be various booths and interactive promos the whole family can enjoy.
The whole day will be filled with games and performances of various school bands. This huge event will finish off with a booming rock concert comprised of stellar bands and a festive fireworks display.

A 3-Day High. A Woodstock of arts and music.

4 08 2007


It’s the 3rd Arts & Music Festival. Do not miss this weekend of 
music and arts. Do not.

Aug. 24, 25, 26, 2007, at the 5th floor of Megamall. Ask permission to be absent on Friday. This is worth it. This is of value. Better yet, get the school to send the entire class over.

Haw-Ang: A must-see film

4 08 2007


It’s a majestic Indie film, it’s “one of the year’s most controversial films”, it’s Haw-Ang.

This is a poignant story of friendship and love transcending age, culture, and beliefs. Both comic and tragic, this is a film about being a woman, and more importantly, being human. It all begins in the time of preparing rice paddies for planting, in that season of hopes and dreams called “haw-ang.” 
The film is set for nationwide commercial release at SM Digital Cinemas on August 8, 2007, and will also enter the international film festival circuit very soon.

The Better Generation

4 08 2007

They bungled it.
In 1989, singer Billy Joel released what became a very popular song entitled, ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire.’
The lyrics, which is simply a list of names and events that made headlines starting in 1940, has a disclaimer for a refrain:

“We didn’t start the fire,
It was always burning, 
since the world’s been turning.”

Well, we’re not buying it.
Today, the world is on the brink of a clash of civilizations, global warming has started to become palpable, and there’s a war in every corner of the world. 
The country, which was second only to Japan after the war, is a sorry mess and the economic laggard in the region. Corruption is part of life, congress has never been so shameless, more people are experiencing hunger and the only hope is in a job elsewhere in the world.
Well, not quite the only hope.
There’s still us. There’s still our idealism and our dreams and our hopes.

“It’s not your parents’ television.”
UniversiTV is not your parents’ slapstick and face-slapping channel. Its goal is not high ratings. That is why the channel is brave enough to focus on a narrow segment of the population. Its vision is to tap idealism — that powerful force that is alive in you but dissipates as you grow older. We believe that this idealism, if harnessed, can be provoked to grow and bloom instead. It is a currency that we can effectively utilize for the benefit of others. Far more powerful than wherewithal is the hunger of a strong dream. The programming design of UniversiTV comes from the ache to be of value to the country.
We think that the magic of media can do more than sell bars of soap — it can help this generation mature better than our parents did, make less mistakes, affect and infect others more, survive the broken families we live in, beat the system, break the cycle, and become the God-fearing, country-loving leaders the young were meant to become.

Our motto: Change the world while enjoying your youth.
Watch, learn, and get involved in the many advocacies close to the heart of the people behind UniversiTV.
And have fun while doing good — lots of fun. On your channel, you can display your talents; air your work, challenge the world. It’s your podium. It will accept your productions, pictures, recordings. It is a venue for you to voice out your thoughts, ideals and concerns, to air those hopes and dreams.
At the same time, it is a channel that broadcasts all your events: campus activities, school fairs, even schedules of exams, and other announcements. It keeps you linked, networked, informed, up-to-date.

This is what UniversiTV is about.
A television channel for what we believe is The Better Generation. And we’d like to do our share in making that a reality. Because this country, this world, needs better management.

Hello world!

2 08 2007

This is UniversiTV’s blog site. It will help us update you faster.